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Volume 61 Number 1 2019


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What is Happening in the Doing: hunched over a consideration


What is the importance of matter in the art making of children? This article introduces the notion that inorganic matter is much more diverse and creative than previously thought. By taking time to putter, pause, and to perceive objects, humans may seize a material vitality with these nonhumans. Perhaps any one thing whether a pencil, a tube of glue, a piece of paper, or a young artist are neither subject nor object but Nature. Spinoza finds entanglements, the assemblage of things, as Nature enriching the human. In the theories of new materialisms, matter is a vital entanglement in the creation of knowledge. It follows that the teacher must value the unorthodox in the learning of the child. What does the art making of children look like when they intra-act with matter to conceive phenomena? This article engages in these questions and challenges the priority of a preconceived product as a goal in art making. Rather a teacher might ask ,'what is happening in the doing'?

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VICKY GRUBE (2019) What is Happening in the Doing: hunched over a consideration, FORUM, 61(1), 105-112.


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