Psychology Learning & Teaching
ISSN 1475-7257

About the Journal

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Psychology Learning and Teaching (PLAT) is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to enhancing knowledge of how to improve learning and teaching of psychology. To this purpose, PLAT publishes research articles, reviews, target articles and corresponding comments as well as reports on good and innovative learning, teaching and assessment practices. Through PLAT, it is hoped to establish a culture of scholarship in relation to teaching and learning in psychology and related areas.
Submissions should contribute to one or more of the following:
(a) enhancement of theoretical and practical knowledge about learning and teaching of psychology,
(b) theoretical debate relevant to psychology learning and teaching,
(c) recommendations for good practice and policy relating to psychology teaching, learning or assessment.

Articles, reviews, target articles and reports are:

  • only available online
  • independently (anonymously) peer-reviewed
  • typeset in familiar printed journal format
  • published in conventional volume/number/pages sequence

Psychology Learning and Teaching (ISSN 1475-7257) is an online-only journal published three times a year, those three issues constituting one volume. Papers are conventionally typeset and appear as familiar journal papers; proofs are sent to the authors as PDF files; the only real difference is that papers are only available for viewing online (and can then also be saved as files and printed).


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