Policy Futures in Education
ISSN 1478-2103

About the journal

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Policy Futures in Education is a peer-reviewed international journal that is futures-oriented and committed to promoting debate in education among university academics, practising policy analysts in government and local government, national and international policy advisors, politicians, members of policy think-tanks and world policy agencies such as the World Bank, OECD and the European Union. The journal has a strong experimental focus and emphasises innovative thinking in education policy and theory from a range of diverse viewpoints. A Policy statement is available.

The journal is committed to promoting debate within actual existing policy communities. It publishes dedicated issues on current policy debates, national reviews, reports from international agencies, as well as traditional academic papers. It also contains a special feature that encourages debates through interviews (especially with politicians, members of government departments, experts), symposia, and right of reply. 

Articles are:
only available online
 independently (anonymously) peer-reviewed 
typeset in familiar printed journal format 
published in conventional volume/number/pages sequence

Policy Futures in Education (ISSN 1478-2103) is an online-only journal published eight times a year, those eight issues constituting one volume. Articles are conventionally typeset and appear as familiar journal articles; proofs are sent to the authors as PDF files; the only real difference is that articles are only available for viewing online (they can then also be saved as files and printed).


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