ISSN 0963-8253

Volume 61 Number 3 2019


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Patrick Yarker. Editorial. Keep the Faith

Aaron Schutz. Power and Conflict in the Public Realm: rethinking progressive visions of collaborative citizenship

Ruth Boyask. Educating Publics in the Greater Community

Terry Wrigley. A New Curriculum for a New Public School

Tom Collins. Commercial Realities and Ethical Discomfort: international branch campuses and the market in higher education

Damien Fitzgerald. A New Public Conceptualisation of Education and Care for Young Children: bridging the private–public divide

Jane Martin. Against Private Schools: culture, power and myths of equality

Alex Bloom†. ‘This Age of Clichés’ and ‘Equality of Opportunity ... for What?’ Two articles by Alex Bloom†, introduced by Michael Fielding

John Quicke. Deficit Models, Boys' Achievement and Masculinity

Colin Richards. The Fable of the Squirrels and the Hedgehogs

John Bolt. What Are We Doing to Our Children? Report on the Reclaiming Education Conference, 2018

Margaret Clark. Early Education in England: the power of politicians over policy and practice

Claire Lee. ‘I ain’t no clue, but we learned it yesterday’: losing our way with the Year 6 grammar, punctuation and spelling test

Lucy Wenham. ‘It was deathly dull and boring and stressful’: listening to parents’ voices on primary school testing

Patrick Yarker. Learning as Mimicry, Teaching as Coerced Compliance: the continuing damage caused by a high stakes summative testing regime

Jon Berry. Succeeding against SATs

Madeleine Holt. Expeditions, Projects and Trees: working hard, getting smart and being kind

Book reviews

Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me (Kate Clanchy), England: poems from a school (Kate Clanchy, Ed.), and Engines of Privilege: Britain’s private school problem (Francis Green & David Kynaston), reviewed by Patrick Yarker

Life Lessons: the case for a National Education Service (Melissa Benn), reviewed by Nuala Burgess


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