ISSN 0963-8253

Volume 59 Number 3 2017


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Against Segregated Education

Patrick Yarker. Editorial. Against Segregated Education

Melissa Benn & Jane Martin. ‘The Patron Saint of Comprehensive Education’: an interview with Clyde Chitty (Part 1)

Diane Reay. The State Education Is In: recognising the challenge of achieving a fair educational system in post-Brexit, austerity England

Emma-Louise Williams & Michael Rosen. My Secondary Modern: stories from the invisible generation

Stewart Ranson. Democratising Comprehensiveness: a prospectus

Michael Fielding. On the Insistent Possibility of Comprehensive Secondary Education

David Taylor. Taking off into a Strong Headwind: creating truly comprehensive, Human-scale secondary education against the prevailing gales of performativity

Mike Davies. A World We Never Had: the forgotten quest for a comprehensive school curriculum

Derek Gillard. Labour and the Grammar Schools: a history

Susanne Wiborg. The Politics of Blocking Equality Reforms in Education: a study of organised interests in England, 1965-2010

Max Hope. Re-framing ‘Attainment’: creating and developing spaces for learning within schools

Luke Abbott. Mantle of the Expert as a Route to Irresistible Learning and Transformative Teaching

John Blanchard. Checklists for Learning: when, why and how to pay attention

Patrick Yarker. Segregated Education and the FORUM Archive: six decades of writing against the grammar/secondary modern divide and in favour of comprehensive education (including The Grammar/SecMod Divide: a table of articles from the FORUM archive)

Madeleine Holt. ‘The Human Side Takes Priority’: remembering Kathleen Mitchell

Mary Jane Drummond. Mabel Barker: unknown heroine

Lorna Shires. It’s All about the Teacher: why that ‘truth’ might not be all that it seems

Margaret M. Clark. Literacy Learning in the Twenty-First Century: how much have we learnt?

Betraying a Generation: how education is failing young people (Patrick Ainley), reviewed by Richard Harris


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