Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood
ISSN 1463-9491

About the journal

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Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood (CIEC) is a peer-reviewed international research journal. The journal provides a forum for researchers and professionals who are exploring new and alternative perspectives in their work with young children (from birth to eight years of age) and their families. CIEC aims to present opportunities for scholars to highlight the ways in which the boundaries of early childhood studies and practice are expanding, and for readers to participate in the discussion of emerging issues, contradictions and possibilities.

CIEC incorporates interdisciplinary, cutting edge work which may include the following areas: poststructuralist, postmodern and postcolonial approaches, queer theory, sociology of childhood, alternative viewpoints of child development, and deal with issues such as language and identity, the discourse of difference, new information technologies, stories and voices, curriculum, culture and pedagogy, or any combination of such ideas.

The Editors encourage submission of a variety of high quality manuscripts including: reports of research from a variety of paradigms; articles about research, literature reviews and theoretical discussions; book reviews; colloquia and responses/critiques; invited commentaries.

Articles are:
only available online
 independently (anonymously) peer-reviewed
typeset in familiar printed journal format
published in conventional volume/number/pages sequence

The primary audience for Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood is early childhood students (graduate and undergraduate) and educators as well as those involved in associated family and community services. The multi-disciplinary focus ensures that the journal is relevant to professionals from a wide variety of inter-related disciplines that consider issues related to the lives of young children. For example, these may include social workers, allied health professionals and policy-makers as well as professionals who conduct research into the social contexts of education, literacy and numeracy, the new information technologies, the sciences and the arts. Additionally, it has a broad appeal to teachers and researchers interested in specific aspects and applications of curriculum and social issues related to young children.

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood (ISSN 1463-9491) is an online-only journal published four times a year, those four issues constituting one volume. Articles are conventionally typeset and appear as familiar journal articles; proofs are sent to the authors as PDF files; the only real difference is that articles are only available for viewing online (they can then also be saved as files and printed).


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